Thursday, 12 September 2013


The quickest of updates now that the nippier Autumn months are upon us all.  Have to admit I love this time of year, the colours are stunning and I am getting the pull of riding my horse again (something I have had to let go due to lack of time).  We just quietly hack out these days, both being a tad "older" in our years - well I try too but she thinks shes still 4 years old at times, makes things interesting!

The online presence of kfsoriginals continues to grow.  The following print on demand sites now have a selection of my images, both art and photographic, different images on each site.  Be it a poster, framed print, ipod skin or even a cushion - its your choice.  Take a little look, you may well find something suitable for the upcoming "Gift Season"    Keep an eye on this site, a sister to Fine Art America, as they intend to roll out more print style options  All images are taken with my IPhone  (such as the one above)  I do intend to edit the images and make them further available on the different products, t shirts, hoodies etc  A project for the future.

In addition I have opened an account on Folksy in order to sell my artwork direct.  As yet the shelves have to be stocked but I hope to get this sorted within the next few weeks as I find my feet on this site.  This is the link if you wish to keep it to one side and call back in a while

Prior to uploading items into the Folksy Store I will make them available via my Facebook Page.  These are currently for sale at a reduced price

Problems with a crawling computer have resulted in lots of links and few images today folks - lets just hope this page loads!

As always please do contact me with any queries, thanks for reading.

 Take Care Kathy x

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Friday, 5 July 2013


Hi all, its been a few months since my last blog update about the "art world of kfsoriginals" so I thought I'd steal a few moments away from the paintbrush to bring you all up to date.

I decided that I wanted to paint my quirky animals range on ceramic in a bigger format so started to experiment on box canvas in acrylic.  This is still in its evolution stage as yet but is a big winner, people are telling me the characters make them smile which is lovely, several are now adorning walls.  So far I have tackled Highland Cows (love all the general hairiness and massive horns which must surely get tangled up in things), chickens (inspired by my own chicken girlies who act as models combined with a good measure of my imagination), sheep (lots around lately with their babies - haven't the babes got the most enormous ears when born?) and of course the odd horse thrown in for good measure.  Together with the work on box canvas I tried a couple of canvas boards, a different feel to the paint and they needed to be framed (without glass) but I feel they worked out rather well.  In the future I look to further develop the range of animals I cover on canvas in this quirky image way.

The images above are now for sale via  Based in Glastonbury I found it rather nice that at least my art was in the area for the recent music festival (I WILL get there one year, one item on my Bucket List).

My work continues to sell well at  and I need to get on with some more which is always nice. 

I have an Exhibition of art on ceramic and glassware at  in The Craft Shop area which runs from July to August 2013.  The items for sale are shown below on display in their cabinet.

I have a page on Fine Art America     which is a print on demand site.  It is a mix of photographs and art at the moment which I rotate every few months or so.  I continue to work on activating another print on demand site with different images and surfaces to offer. 

My on line presence continues to grow and together with promoting my art work I do really like to make contact with other artists and craft workers, helping them also to spread the word as such.  It can also be said that I also like a bit of "banter" too.  You can find me at the following links below so please do come and join the kfsoriginals artparty!

To conclude I have to talk about Music which inspires and accompanies my artwork.  I went to see two Matt's the other month, both very different in musical style and delivery but both absolutely at the top of their individual game.  Matt Cardle gave a rather stunning acoustic performance at Union Chapel, he has an incredible live voice that has to be heard to be believed at times.  The actual setting was a working Chapel with the most wonderful acoustics and subdued lighting as befitting such a venue.  I always feel that it really shows the true voice when doing such a stripped back set, many don't always make the grade without autotuning and loud backing tracks but this gentleman just shines.  I look forward to his new album which is due out in October 2013 I believe.  My second Matt outing was Matt Bellamy and the boys of  The Mighty MUSE, the complete opposite to an acoustic set being a full blown rock show, flares, flames, lights, giant robots, screaming guitars, the works really for a Stadium show.  By some quirk of fate my friend and I ended up right at the front barrier - it would be fair to say that rather a lot of jumping, yelling and general head banging went on for the best part of 2 hours (absolutely Fabulous to just be a complete idiot and not act my age one bit).  This is something I have wanted to do for years, be in THAT crowd at a MUSE gig, one item thus ticked off my bucket list good and proper.  I took a few pictures too just of the general set up.

Ooops, rather a long blog but as you can see much to tell.  Rather exciting to see my little art company develop and grow.

Cheers Kathy x

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Saturday, 13 April 2013


I have been looking at ways to further promote my on line presence whilst I continue to work on a new web site, long story but I'm determined to get there!

Selected images from both my artworks and photographs are now available to print on demand via FineArt America.  As I have so many images in various formats, I will look to rotate these on a monthly basis.  From canvas prints to posters to greetings cards - the choice is all yours.

Together with this site I am also looking towards another on line site which offers slightly different print service items for my artwork (this will feature a different selection of images).  More on this news when I have uploaded the images, which need more preparation as yet.

I have also just ordered a new photo editing kit for the computer which is similar in application to the ones I currently have on my phone, looking forward to having some fun with that - watch this space!

During April/May I will be looking to provide a small selection of Farm Animal / Nature themed artworks to the new Farm On The Hill Craft Shop, here is my page link

All in all, trotting along rather nicely :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Doesnt time fly - its been rather a long time since I last blogged!

kfsoriginals continues to develop and grow, at a reasonable pace as doing everything myself I dont want to rush anything and not be able to cope.  Reading through my last blog in May 2012 I will update you on a few matters.

Photography continues to give me great art reference material and inspiration.  The majority are taken on my iphone which very quickly loads up several hundred before I have to store them on the computer and let it breathe again!  The edits can be done both on camera and my computer now and I particularly like some of the tints, sepia and black/white being my particular favourites.  These tints are also rather handy for my pencil work rather than me having to guess.  During the recent snowy days I was forever stopping the car (in a safe place)  on the country lanes to take a photo or two, it was so pretty, the white cystals gently outlining the tree branches and there was some fantastic colours in the sky.

These snowy images in turn have led to another little bit of inspiration via my new IpadMini which I received at Christmas.  I was aware of IpadArt but didnt really look into it until I half caught some information via a tv gaget show.  I wont even dare to subject you to view my first attempt, terrible image, but I tried a few other Art Apps before settling on one which I got on with.  Its still very early days as there are so many settings but the main thing is I am enjoying it rather a lot and can take it with me whenever I am out, all zipped up in its little wallet in my bag.  The other advantage is its serving the pull towards scenes from The Lake District which still buzz around my head!  I dont even need a WiFi connection as the information is all stored directly onto the ipad itself.  If you want to try it then you may find yourself addicted before you know it, my advice is to have a look at various Apps, read the comments, download some of the free ones, play around and having lost a few,  save the image on a regular basis.  The work is still stored on my Ipad as yet but you can view some via my facebook page ( or Instagram (search for kfsoriginals).

I was feeling the need to paint "bigger" in a similar quirky style to my ceramic work so purchased a few box canvas and some acrylic paints.  The quirky animal range has sold well so I will look towards doing more.  I was also taking many floral photos for glassware artwork reference so again decided to do some in acrylic.  This box canvas work will only improve the images I paint on ceramic and glass I feel.

Currently I am  in the process of opening a PayPal account, looking towards uploading both selected art and photographic images onto a worldwide sales site and having a For Sale page either on my website or Facebook page.  Further information will be supplied when available.

A blog from me would not be complete without a mention of music. MUSE delivered personally for me with their new album The Second Law, again a change in musical direction but I just love it, particularly played "loud" and YES, they toured and after many, many years of waiting I did indeed see them live (what a bun fight that was getting tickets!!).  I couldnt get standing but only remained in my seat for all of 5 minutes - you just dont sit down at a MUSE gig thats for sure!!  And to really spoil myself  I am seeing them again in a few months, Stadium and Standing this time - cant wait!!!  Matt Cardle continues to delight with his music and rather stunning voice, now free from the Syco chains he has produced another Top10 album, Indie No1 album  The Fire (the album was co written/produced by Mr Cardle, he also played the majority of the instruments and did the backing vocals too).  Take a listen via Itunes, you may be pleasantly surprised.  Such a talented singer/songwriter who deserves more respect in my view.   Artistic freedom is everything, I cant imagine anything worse than having it restricted in any way!  Again I will be seeing him live this year, the same month as MUSE as it happens.

Sometimes images just pop into my head.  I was listening to a track from The Fire called Water - its a song about loss and the pain associated with it when someone leaves this world for good.  The production is not what I expected at all, its very subtle indeed and my goodness me was rather jaw dropping when I heard it live.  The guardian angel which entered my head refused to leave until I literally sketched her out and I am now in the process of developing the whole scene via IpadArt.  Its a bit personal so I havent published any of  it yet.

Ok so thats enough of my ramblings for now.  I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts.

Kathy xx

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PS  I cant preview this due to computer issues so will go straight to publish - forgive any errors please

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

MAY DAY 2012

Hi all.  Quick blog update for you all.  kfsoriginals have been a bit quiet of late, to add to the problems caused by the computer crash our central heating boiler decided to expire and thus we have been without any heating within the majority of the household for several months - not really conductive to any sort of art creation or inspiration if I'm honest.  We are now back up and running, toasty warm infact thank goodness so my mind is once again back on the art track.

In order to further promote kfsoriginals I have started a Facebook page, please see  I can now upload more images of my work and also photographs too, its all a bit new and I'm working my way through the workings.  Please do pop over there and have a look, hit that like button too if you wish and generally spread the word.

 I have also been quite taken with the mobile phone app Instagram which enables one to apply colourwashes to photographs taken on your phone and also to share same with other Instagram users.  Its not for every type of photograph but I'm finding it useful and have been posting pictures both via my twitter and facebook accounts.  I find photographs very useful for my artwork as I tend to use many as a basic reference point for a design - I just need to persuade the computer to download some now as I have already got several hundred on my phone!  Thats another little computer job, I'm still working on sorting out the computer after the crash and continue to be determined to redesign my web site.

My artwork follows my gutt instincts and I am being drawn to scenes and people at the moment, some inspired by my own photographs of the Lake District, some pictures I've come across elsewhere.  Not sure if I'll tackle them in pencil or watercolour....will see how the river flows.

The photographs to each side show a recent trip to The Lake District, spot the mad dog charging along the pathway! 

On another note, March was a  music month for me.  I seriously love a good live gig and both Florence and the Machine and Matt Cardle delivered in style, particularly Mr Cardle whoes vocal ability continues to surprise me. Untouched by any electronic studio equipment his voice live and in the flesh for me is better than any recording he has done.  Both he and the band are just superb live, no fancy fills added just dam good music down to its bare bones.  Venue wise I was totally surprised with the acoustics in Birmingham Symphony Hall, just superb and the most beautiful of venues.  More gigs to look forward to over the next few months too.  Album wise I am patiently waiting MUSE to complete their new album and then tour - to see them live would be THE best ever Christmas Gift (hint to my husband).  Work today to Kasabians album Velociraptor.

Thank you for reading my musings.  Kathy xx

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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


First of all let me wish you all a very Happy New Year :O)  A bit late to the party I know but better late than never!

All things considered, I decided to take a break towards the end of 2011.   I was juggling too many balls in the air and having completed my order book I shut down shop for a few months.  It was a timely decision as the computer then decided to corrupt a start up disc and hence became useless, putting all our data at risk in the process.  Luckily we have managed to save most of it (I think as files are all over the place as yet) and we now have everything backed up on an external hard drive - something I would advise everyone to think about.  So I am currently working my way through the files in addition to learning how to use some newly installed programs = its all taking me a bit of time.

My order book is now open again and I have a few exhibitions booked later this year which I will blog about another time.  The inspiration lightbulb is also starting to "flicker" on and off again now.

I am always looking for good quality craft events, selling only handmade products within the Staffordshire/Derbyshire areas so if you know of any please drop me a line.  Once I am up and running again properly, I will be looking to sell my goods through a few more selective shops so please do get in touch if you can assist with this.

Finally, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via the website should you have any queries or enquiries.

Kind regards Kathy Spall xx

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Just a quick update of a blog today.  We have got a new printer, all in one Kodak so I am trying to get to grips with that work wise which will be a bit of a learning curve to say the least as I am not that techno minded as such.  Managed to do a scan and save it to file so thats a start although I dont know the next steps yet re clipping and balancing up colours!

After having various issues with our broadband supplier we have now changed to BT.  Early indications of speed are good so far so keep your fingers crossed! 

Please note new email address  which replaces although I still appear to be getting the virgin emails forwarded.  The web site email of  appears now to be working ok and forwarding on to the new main email address.

Below are a couple of images of recent works.  The horse and dog one is vertually finished off now, apart from the horse's eye which still needs a bit of "tweeking".  The larger horse head study with flying mane is only a few hours in.  I've gone for something bigger to play around with, currently having much fun with the many layers of flying mane strands!  Hope you like them.