Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Just a quick update of a blog today.  We have got a new printer, all in one Kodak so I am trying to get to grips with that work wise which will be a bit of a learning curve to say the least as I am not that techno minded as such.  Managed to do a scan and save it to file so thats a start although I dont know the next steps yet re clipping and balancing up colours!

After having various issues with our broadband supplier we have now changed to BT.  Early indications of speed are good so far so keep your fingers crossed! 

Please note new email address  tk.spall@btinternet.com  which replaces tk.spall@virgin.net although I still appear to be getting the virgin emails forwarded.  The web site email of  enquiries@kfsoriginals.co.uk  appears now to be working ok and forwarding on to the new main email address.

Below are a couple of images of recent works.  The horse and dog one is vertually finished off now, apart from the horse's eye which still needs a bit of "tweeking".  The larger horse head study with flying mane is only a few hours in.  I've gone for something bigger to play around with, currently having much fun with the many layers of flying mane strands!  Hope you like them.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


As many of you are probably aware, I have many animals which share my life and inspire my artwork.   I've posted some pictures of a few which are below for you to enjoy.  Hope you like them.

Ok so this is one very cheeky little pony, Piglet cant you just tell from his expression!  Snow arrived overnight out of the blue and he was a bit "put out" by it though he had a nice thick hedge and some trees to shelter under in his paddock.

And here is me, trying to get my horse, Lady back into the stable after a night out.  She was a tad "excited" because of the snowfall!

This year I have had two batches of swallows breeding in the barn,
both by the same parents I believe.
The lhs photo shows the first batch with the rhs photo showing the second, current batch.  The same family come back year after year and my gamekeeper friend says that they live for around 5 years.  At the moment its like a scene from The Birds trying to muck out etc... with mummy and daddy swallow trying to drive me away!

This collection shows some of my
new ducks which I have had for a few weeks now.  The black n white one, Amy is a crossbred whilst the little black one, BP has the most wonderful colours in her wings, which you can just see.  The two big girls are Aylesburys, Jemima and Celia.  You can just 
see Dipstick hiding in the pen! 

Isnt this picture just sooo cute, she couldnt keep her eyes open any
more, bless her. 

They have all settled in really well now, come when I call and understand what a bit of bread looks like!  Dipstick no longer hides in the corner of the pen thank goodness.

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Monday, 8 August 2011


Dressage has always fascinated me and a few years ago I used to compete in the lower levels of the sport with my lovely horse.  It was therefore only natural for me to want to try and capture some of the movements in my artwork and I show below some of my created images.

Above shows two studies in pencil whilst the images below show work in pen and watercolour with a quirky twist.

 All of these images are scanned for greetings cards and the originals are currently for sale.  The pencil works are also available as a small mounted print on card.  Please do contact me via the web site at  http://www.kfsoriginals.co.uk/  if you require any further information.

Work continues gathering and adapting images for my web site upgrade with the aim of keeping it all a fairly simple design and easy to use.  It is hoped in the future that I will also have a for sale page with online payment facilities.


And to finish, he we are both in action in the flesh doing a medium trot across the centre line!  It was a very hot day and we were allowed to compete without our jackets.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this short blog.  Please do comment and follow.  Kind regards Kathy x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Hi all.  Just thought I would let you have a look at some of the things I have been working on recently.  The glassware, Moody Mare mugs and wedding themed greetings cards will be shortly winging their respective way to a lovely little shop called Studio61 Gallery Boutique in Derbyshire(http://www.karinagoodman.com/)  Please do have a look at this lovely little shop full of British handmade, hand crafted items.  Karina is also a gem :O)

This image shows work in pen and pencil, "Wedding Group1".  Scanned and reduced down this will now be added to my ever growing range of wedding themed greetings cards which are proving to be very popular indeed.  Each image is embellished with a bit of glitter (love the stuff), framed on black and white check card before being placed onto a DL size greetings card.  I prefer this method rather than printing directly onto the greetings card itself as I have had various issues with print quality.  Not being mass produced as such I really like working on them for a change.  This particular image has been rattling around in my head for months so it was nice to get my idea down on paper.

Two large vases painted in neutral white/cream.  The one on the lhs is glass paint, very fine, with several layers whilst the one on the rhs is ceramic paint which is thicker to work with.  Both based on a dogrose design.

On another note, one of my pieces has been used for a book photo shoot by the very lovely  Lyndsey James (http://www.lyndsey-james.co.uk/)  and I proudly load the picture below (copyright lyndseyjames).  Please do take a look at Lyndsey's lovely photographs on her website and the book would be most helpful to those artists and craftworker wishing to photograph their products for max effect.  I know I shall be obtaining it and will look forward to attending one of her courses soon to learn how to approach the difficult issue of photographing my glassware.

Inspired by this photograph and setting I had a go myself, a couple of the more successful photos are below!

It was a lovely day, just right for having a drink of red wine outside on the patio in one of my red wine glasses (well that was the theory for the shot).  Not too bad though I feel that the wine glasses are a tad out of focus.

A couple of my Moody Mare mugs shot outdoors.  I felt that the natural light really help as I normally have issues with the camera flash bouncing back from the artwork.  My other attempt was not too successful as the bright sunlight literally flashed out the mug  positioned on the gate - will have to have another attempt but now have lots of ideas for "product placement".  Thanks for your kind help Lyndsey, appreciated.

To end on rather a sad note, I lost one of my many pets over the weekend.   PepsiMax was a rip olde age for a duck being 10 plus in years.  Expected but always a sad occassion.  He is the bigger Aylesbury duck on the rhs of the picture below.  His friend now has some other ducks to keep him company and I will post a picture of them soon.  I now find that I spend many a coffee break sat in the duck pen watching them interact, hours of fun and amusement!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this rather long blog!  If you wish to discuss anything please do drop me an email  tk.spall@virgin.net

Cheers  Kathy xx  kfsoriginals

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Thursday, 21 July 2011


Some of my earliest works involved "wedding themed" designs.  I dont know why but an idea suddenly popped into my head one eve, "a cow bride and groom" and hence I started sketching out various ideas involving animal Mr and Mrs. This progressed along to also involve "humans" and I have completed many a bespoke piece since on ceramic, canvas or even glass.  The web site shows some ideas and I have uploaded some more recent works below.  I find that many people have no idea what to buy a special friend for a gift, be it for an engagement, a wedding or an anniversary - a bespoke piece with a design built specifically around the couple in question fills the gap, making a very individual gift with a difference.

I continue with my wedding theme design work and have found that my greetings card range sells very well.  I sketched out another little "group" last eve (watch this space) and show a couple of previous works below.

Should you have a special event looming upon the horizon, stuck for something to buy for the couple in question please do drop me a line, I may be able to assist with that "gift with a difference".  Web site under construction at  http://www.kfsoriginals.co.uk/  Email  tk.spall@virgin.net or via the web site (it appears now to be working again but if you dont receive a response within a couple of days, please use the alternative email address given).

Regards  Kathy xx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


To conclude below is a further piece I have been working on.  Cylinder money box for a little girl based on teddy bear picnic in the woods with friends.  I got a bit carried away and covered it with design work (really enjoyed myself in the process though I admit).

Music to work to provided by T in the Park music festival 2011, Foo Fighters followed at the moment by Arctic Monkeys.

Please also see my web site (under development at  http://www.kfsoriginals.co.uk/) for further examples of my work.  This particular project is ongoing whilst I collect and adapt images to load up.  Should you have any queries regarding my work please email  tk.spall@virgin.net.

Kind regards  Kathy x


Below are a few of the recent bespoke items I have been working on.

Baby birth plate  Boy

Door Sign  Farm Animal Theme

Bedlington Terrier Biscuit Plate

Bedlington Terrier Mugs

Forgive me, the pictures are a tad out of line for some reason - I will post this page as it stands and continue on with a separate blog for the remaining item (IE. quit whilst you are ahead)

Monday, 4 July 2011


I have recently started a new study in pencil.  Below shows two stages into the work.  It is not yet completed but I am pleased the way it is progressing and I personally find that you always learn something new from each piece of work you undertake.  I normally work on these little pencil studies at an event as I just hate to sit there doing nothing during the quieter spells.  I find that it adds interest for the public, provides a discussion point and shows that I really do the artwork myself.  Whilst working on this study over the weekend at an event I received several enquiries for bespoke work in pencil.

Below is another sketch I did a while ago, just never got round to doing any further work on it!  However, I do like to capture expression in my artwork and even at this very simple stage, I feel that I have captured the "look".  Not sure yet if I will finish this off in watercolour or pencil, still pondering on that one.

Just a quick blog today, short and sweet as they say.  I hope that you enjoyed reading it.  Please do comment and follow.  If you have any queries, do not hesitate to get in touch  Email tk.spall@virgin.net

Kathy xx

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Technical issues - the "guard dogs"  where stopping the cats hence I've had to do a separate post!

Anyway, see below a couple of works on canvas featuring that beautiful creature, the cat.  The one on the left hand side was a fluffy little thing whilst the study on the right was smooth coated and yes, he was a tad crosseyed!  Both originals went to their respective owners and are now framed and much loved.  I did take a scan as per normal so a greetings card is available with this image.

Should anyone be interested in a commission of a horse or pet I work from your supplied photographs.  The study could be a detailed pencil or watercolour, a quirky cartoon type pen and watercolour on canvas OR you could have a quirky design on a ceramic piece such as a mug, display plate or even a trinket box!  The style and choice is up to you.  Please note, my detailed studies are my "interpretation" of the animal, I do not do a direct copy as such but aim for expression, charactor and movement.  If the study is on canvas, this can also be scanned and used on a greetings card.

Please do comment, follow and view my website (under development) at http://www.kfsoriginals.co.uk/.  If you wish to discuss anything further please contact me by email at  tk.spall@virgin.net  at the current time as my web email address appears to be faulty.

Music is very important in my life also.  Currently work has been assisted by U2 who produced a blinder of a set at Glastonbury 2011 last night - dont you just love iplayer!

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading my latest blog.  Kathy xx


I just wanted to introduce you to some of my cat and dog artwork on canvas and considering the recent weather conditions thought that the title was quite appropriate!

The left hand side image is a recent pencil study of one of my black labrador dogs enjoying a bit of peace and quiet in the sunshine.  This is the second time I have attempted to capture this particular photograph and feel much happier with the result!  It just goes to show that if at first you dont succeed, walk away, leave a while, return and have another attempt.  I very often start on a piece of work, get to a certain stage then leave it alone for a few days coming back to it with a fresh pair of eyes.  The right hand image shows the same dog, aged about 3 months of age.  An early watercolour but what I particularly liked was the capture of her curious expression, big ears and very long legs!  All house members take lots of photographs and they very often turn something up which I wish to capture in my artwork, sometimes as a study, sometimes as a quirky image.

Small prints on card are available for the pencil study whilst the watercolour is available as a limited edition giclee print.  The watercolour original is also for sale but I am afraid that my husband has claimed the pencil study original!  Again both images are scanned for greetings cards.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Pencil study  "Young Foal"

Shown above are two scanned images of a pencil study on canvas.  The one on the left shows the study in its early stage whilst the one on the right shows the finished piece.  Once the outline is set I like to get some rough shading in place and most importantly get the eye sorted pronto - it brings the image "alive" to me.  The tones on this particular drawing are not too heavy but I was quite pleased with the finished result which is now mounted, framed and for sale. 

Pencil Study  "Thoroughbred Stallion"

Again as above showing part complete and finished work.  This was the second detailed pencil study I attempted, a great learning curve for me and I was really pleased with the finished result!  Tentatively I framed him (yes, all my works end up being named, talked to and loved to the point where I dont really want to sell them) and entered  into a local art exhibition at  The Brewhouse  in Burton.  I am pleased to report that he was professionally chosen to be exhibited and it was a real honour for me to view one of my works in situ with some other wonderful paintings.  Currently he is awaiting a new frame as I dont feel that the old one did him justice.  Reluctently for sale to a good home. 

Small mounted prints and greetings cards available for both designs.

My main aim is to capture "expression"  - I feel that the two images above did just that.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss any further details regarding the above.

Additionally today, I have just finished batch1 of several ceramic bespoke pieces. The first is a money box for a little girl based on a teddy bears picnic in the woods with friends.  I'm really pleased with this one, got a bit carried away as per usual and it is vertually covered with images!  The second bespoke order is for 4 mugs and a small biscuit plate featuring the Bedlington Terrier Dog.  I have managed to place several dogs in different poses on both the mugs and the plate, all looking a tad cheeky in their quirkiness.  Everything is now currently drying again before going into the oven to be cured.  This bonds the artwork to the ceramic making it washable.  Both of these lovely customers are long standing with kfsoriginals.  I am due to commence work on Batch2 bespoke and general stock orders this coming week.

Music to accompany today has been Nirvana followed by The Foo Fighters - just cant do without me bit of rock.  Hope you enjoy reading this latest blog.  Please comment and follow.  Thank you.  Kathy xx

Thursday, 16 June 2011


In order to further promote my work, I have decided to open up a "blog" whilst I am working on updating my web site at  http://www.kfsoriginals.co.uk/.  Please bear with me as I learn how to use this media effectively!   I hope to start posting images and regular updates from the artistic world and imagination of "kfsoriginals".


I work on three different surfaces, ceramic, glass and canvas.  The artwork on the ceramic and glassware is washable with care.  Each is an original piece of artwork in its own right, I do not use stick on outlines or images, each is unique.  My work  can be a tad "quirky" which is particularly evident on my ceramic pieces and ranges from a wide range of animals to people or even a car!  I tend to take inspiration from my garden for my work on glass as I have a wide range of flowers and plants which I love.  I purely started work on canvas whilst attending craft events, I just hate to sit there doing nothing, and was surprised when customers started to ask me to do commissions of their own pets and animals.  This particular line of my work has just grown and grown with the additional benefit that my work on the ceramic pieces has also improved, everything now has more movement.  Currently I am enjoying work in simple pencil on canvas and aim to transfer this work onto box canvas soon using acrylic paint, working on shades of black to white.  Being completely self taught (apart from a GCSE Grade A many years ago) I just tend to go with the flow and whatever images I have floating round in my head - of which there are many! 

My main subject area is "The Horse".  I just love to capture this wonderful creature in art, their floating movement and wonderful expression always make me smile, even if they do stand on my feet and bite me sometimes (I currently own two horses, well one horse and one naughty little pony to be correct,  together with many other animals who always provide me with artistic inspiration).  To finish I absolutely adore to paint and create my artwork whilst listening to a wide range of music (another great love of mine).

I promote my work via craft events, a few exhibitions and one or two craft shops.  And of course, now online.

Commissions are most welcome.  Please have a look at the website for a further feel for my work and do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss anything further (details on the web site)

Bye for now and I do hope that this works!