Wednesday, 2 May 2012

MAY DAY 2012

Hi all.  Quick blog update for you all.  kfsoriginals have been a bit quiet of late, to add to the problems caused by the computer crash our central heating boiler decided to expire and thus we have been without any heating within the majority of the household for several months - not really conductive to any sort of art creation or inspiration if I'm honest.  We are now back up and running, toasty warm infact thank goodness so my mind is once again back on the art track.

In order to further promote kfsoriginals I have started a Facebook page, please see  I can now upload more images of my work and also photographs too, its all a bit new and I'm working my way through the workings.  Please do pop over there and have a look, hit that like button too if you wish and generally spread the word.

 I have also been quite taken with the mobile phone app Instagram which enables one to apply colourwashes to photographs taken on your phone and also to share same with other Instagram users.  Its not for every type of photograph but I'm finding it useful and have been posting pictures both via my twitter and facebook accounts.  I find photographs very useful for my artwork as I tend to use many as a basic reference point for a design - I just need to persuade the computer to download some now as I have already got several hundred on my phone!  Thats another little computer job, I'm still working on sorting out the computer after the crash and continue to be determined to redesign my web site.

My artwork follows my gutt instincts and I am being drawn to scenes and people at the moment, some inspired by my own photographs of the Lake District, some pictures I've come across elsewhere.  Not sure if I'll tackle them in pencil or watercolour....will see how the river flows.

The photographs to each side show a recent trip to The Lake District, spot the mad dog charging along the pathway! 

On another note, March was a  music month for me.  I seriously love a good live gig and both Florence and the Machine and Matt Cardle delivered in style, particularly Mr Cardle whoes vocal ability continues to surprise me. Untouched by any electronic studio equipment his voice live and in the flesh for me is better than any recording he has done.  Both he and the band are just superb live, no fancy fills added just dam good music down to its bare bones.  Venue wise I was totally surprised with the acoustics in Birmingham Symphony Hall, just superb and the most beautiful of venues.  More gigs to look forward to over the next few months too.  Album wise I am patiently waiting MUSE to complete their new album and then tour - to see them live would be THE best ever Christmas Gift (hint to my husband).  Work today to Kasabians album Velociraptor.

Thank you for reading my musings.  Kathy xx

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