Thursday, 12 September 2013


The quickest of updates now that the nippier Autumn months are upon us all.  Have to admit I love this time of year, the colours are stunning and I am getting the pull of riding my horse again (something I have had to let go due to lack of time).  We just quietly hack out these days, both being a tad "older" in our years - well I try too but she thinks shes still 4 years old at times, makes things interesting!

The online presence of kfsoriginals continues to grow.  The following print on demand sites now have a selection of my images, both art and photographic, different images on each site.  Be it a poster, framed print, ipod skin or even a cushion - its your choice.  Take a little look, you may well find something suitable for the upcoming "Gift Season"    Keep an eye on this site, a sister to Fine Art America, as they intend to roll out more print style options  All images are taken with my IPhone  (such as the one above)  I do intend to edit the images and make them further available on the different products, t shirts, hoodies etc  A project for the future.

In addition I have opened an account on Folksy in order to sell my artwork direct.  As yet the shelves have to be stocked but I hope to get this sorted within the next few weeks as I find my feet on this site.  This is the link if you wish to keep it to one side and call back in a while

Prior to uploading items into the Folksy Store I will make them available via my Facebook Page.  These are currently for sale at a reduced price

Problems with a crawling computer have resulted in lots of links and few images today folks - lets just hope this page loads!

As always please do contact me with any queries, thanks for reading.

 Take Care Kathy x

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