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Hi all, its been a few months since my last blog update about the "art world of kfsoriginals" so I thought I'd steal a few moments away from the paintbrush to bring you all up to date.

I decided that I wanted to paint my quirky animals range on ceramic in a bigger format so started to experiment on box canvas in acrylic.  This is still in its evolution stage as yet but is a big winner, people are telling me the characters make them smile which is lovely, several are now adorning walls.  So far I have tackled Highland Cows (love all the general hairiness and massive horns which must surely get tangled up in things), chickens (inspired by my own chicken girlies who act as models combined with a good measure of my imagination), sheep (lots around lately with their babies - haven't the babes got the most enormous ears when born?) and of course the odd horse thrown in for good measure.  Together with the work on box canvas I tried a couple of canvas boards, a different feel to the paint and they needed to be framed (without glass) but I feel they worked out rather well.  In the future I look to further develop the range of animals I cover on canvas in this quirky image way.

The images above are now for sale via  Based in Glastonbury I found it rather nice that at least my art was in the area for the recent music festival (I WILL get there one year, one item on my Bucket List).

My work continues to sell well at  and I need to get on with some more which is always nice. 

I have an Exhibition of art on ceramic and glassware at  in The Craft Shop area which runs from July to August 2013.  The items for sale are shown below on display in their cabinet.

I have a page on Fine Art America     which is a print on demand site.  It is a mix of photographs and art at the moment which I rotate every few months or so.  I continue to work on activating another print on demand site with different images and surfaces to offer. 

My on line presence continues to grow and together with promoting my art work I do really like to make contact with other artists and craft workers, helping them also to spread the word as such.  It can also be said that I also like a bit of "banter" too.  You can find me at the following links below so please do come and join the kfsoriginals artparty!

To conclude I have to talk about Music which inspires and accompanies my artwork.  I went to see two Matt's the other month, both very different in musical style and delivery but both absolutely at the top of their individual game.  Matt Cardle gave a rather stunning acoustic performance at Union Chapel, he has an incredible live voice that has to be heard to be believed at times.  The actual setting was a working Chapel with the most wonderful acoustics and subdued lighting as befitting such a venue.  I always feel that it really shows the true voice when doing such a stripped back set, many don't always make the grade without autotuning and loud backing tracks but this gentleman just shines.  I look forward to his new album which is due out in October 2013 I believe.  My second Matt outing was Matt Bellamy and the boys of  The Mighty MUSE, the complete opposite to an acoustic set being a full blown rock show, flares, flames, lights, giant robots, screaming guitars, the works really for a Stadium show.  By some quirk of fate my friend and I ended up right at the front barrier - it would be fair to say that rather a lot of jumping, yelling and general head banging went on for the best part of 2 hours (absolutely Fabulous to just be a complete idiot and not act my age one bit).  This is something I have wanted to do for years, be in THAT crowd at a MUSE gig, one item thus ticked off my bucket list good and proper.  I took a few pictures too just of the general set up.

Ooops, rather a long blog but as you can see much to tell.  Rather exciting to see my little art company develop and grow.

Cheers Kathy x

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