Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Hi all.  Just thought I would let you have a look at some of the things I have been working on recently.  The glassware, Moody Mare mugs and wedding themed greetings cards will be shortly winging their respective way to a lovely little shop called Studio61 Gallery Boutique in Derbyshire(  Please do have a look at this lovely little shop full of British handmade, hand crafted items.  Karina is also a gem :O)

This image shows work in pen and pencil, "Wedding Group1".  Scanned and reduced down this will now be added to my ever growing range of wedding themed greetings cards which are proving to be very popular indeed.  Each image is embellished with a bit of glitter (love the stuff), framed on black and white check card before being placed onto a DL size greetings card.  I prefer this method rather than printing directly onto the greetings card itself as I have had various issues with print quality.  Not being mass produced as such I really like working on them for a change.  This particular image has been rattling around in my head for months so it was nice to get my idea down on paper.

Two large vases painted in neutral white/cream.  The one on the lhs is glass paint, very fine, with several layers whilst the one on the rhs is ceramic paint which is thicker to work with.  Both based on a dogrose design.

On another note, one of my pieces has been used for a book photo shoot by the very lovely  Lyndsey James (  and I proudly load the picture below (copyright lyndseyjames).  Please do take a look at Lyndsey's lovely photographs on her website and the book would be most helpful to those artists and craftworker wishing to photograph their products for max effect.  I know I shall be obtaining it and will look forward to attending one of her courses soon to learn how to approach the difficult issue of photographing my glassware.

Inspired by this photograph and setting I had a go myself, a couple of the more successful photos are below!

It was a lovely day, just right for having a drink of red wine outside on the patio in one of my red wine glasses (well that was the theory for the shot).  Not too bad though I feel that the wine glasses are a tad out of focus.

A couple of my Moody Mare mugs shot outdoors.  I felt that the natural light really help as I normally have issues with the camera flash bouncing back from the artwork.  My other attempt was not too successful as the bright sunlight literally flashed out the mug  positioned on the gate - will have to have another attempt but now have lots of ideas for "product placement".  Thanks for your kind help Lyndsey, appreciated.

To end on rather a sad note, I lost one of my many pets over the weekend.   PepsiMax was a rip olde age for a duck being 10 plus in years.  Expected but always a sad occassion.  He is the bigger Aylesbury duck on the rhs of the picture below.  His friend now has some other ducks to keep him company and I will post a picture of them soon.  I now find that I spend many a coffee break sat in the duck pen watching them interact, hours of fun and amusement!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this rather long blog!  If you wish to discuss anything please do drop me an email

Cheers  Kathy xx  kfsoriginals

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Thursday, 21 July 2011


Some of my earliest works involved "wedding themed" designs.  I dont know why but an idea suddenly popped into my head one eve, "a cow bride and groom" and hence I started sketching out various ideas involving animal Mr and Mrs. This progressed along to also involve "humans" and I have completed many a bespoke piece since on ceramic, canvas or even glass.  The web site shows some ideas and I have uploaded some more recent works below.  I find that many people have no idea what to buy a special friend for a gift, be it for an engagement, a wedding or an anniversary - a bespoke piece with a design built specifically around the couple in question fills the gap, making a very individual gift with a difference.

I continue with my wedding theme design work and have found that my greetings card range sells very well.  I sketched out another little "group" last eve (watch this space) and show a couple of previous works below.

Should you have a special event looming upon the horizon, stuck for something to buy for the couple in question please do drop me a line, I may be able to assist with that "gift with a difference".  Web site under construction at  Email or via the web site (it appears now to be working again but if you dont receive a response within a couple of days, please use the alternative email address given).

Regards  Kathy xx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


To conclude below is a further piece I have been working on.  Cylinder money box for a little girl based on teddy bear picnic in the woods with friends.  I got a bit carried away and covered it with design work (really enjoyed myself in the process though I admit).

Music to work to provided by T in the Park music festival 2011, Foo Fighters followed at the moment by Arctic Monkeys.

Please also see my web site (under development at for further examples of my work.  This particular project is ongoing whilst I collect and adapt images to load up.  Should you have any queries regarding my work please email

Kind regards  Kathy x


Below are a few of the recent bespoke items I have been working on.

Baby birth plate  Boy

Door Sign  Farm Animal Theme

Bedlington Terrier Biscuit Plate

Bedlington Terrier Mugs

Forgive me, the pictures are a tad out of line for some reason - I will post this page as it stands and continue on with a separate blog for the remaining item (IE. quit whilst you are ahead)

Monday, 4 July 2011


I have recently started a new study in pencil.  Below shows two stages into the work.  It is not yet completed but I am pleased the way it is progressing and I personally find that you always learn something new from each piece of work you undertake.  I normally work on these little pencil studies at an event as I just hate to sit there doing nothing during the quieter spells.  I find that it adds interest for the public, provides a discussion point and shows that I really do the artwork myself.  Whilst working on this study over the weekend at an event I received several enquiries for bespoke work in pencil.

Below is another sketch I did a while ago, just never got round to doing any further work on it!  However, I do like to capture expression in my artwork and even at this very simple stage, I feel that I have captured the "look".  Not sure yet if I will finish this off in watercolour or pencil, still pondering on that one.

Just a quick blog today, short and sweet as they say.  I hope that you enjoyed reading it.  Please do comment and follow.  If you have any queries, do not hesitate to get in touch  Email

Kathy xx