Monday, 4 July 2011


I have recently started a new study in pencil.  Below shows two stages into the work.  It is not yet completed but I am pleased the way it is progressing and I personally find that you always learn something new from each piece of work you undertake.  I normally work on these little pencil studies at an event as I just hate to sit there doing nothing during the quieter spells.  I find that it adds interest for the public, provides a discussion point and shows that I really do the artwork myself.  Whilst working on this study over the weekend at an event I received several enquiries for bespoke work in pencil.

Below is another sketch I did a while ago, just never got round to doing any further work on it!  However, I do like to capture expression in my artwork and even at this very simple stage, I feel that I have captured the "look".  Not sure yet if I will finish this off in watercolour or pencil, still pondering on that one.

Just a quick blog today, short and sweet as they say.  I hope that you enjoyed reading it.  Please do comment and follow.  If you have any queries, do not hesitate to get in touch  Email

Kathy xx

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