Tuesday, 9 August 2011


As many of you are probably aware, I have many animals which share my life and inspire my artwork.   I've posted some pictures of a few which are below for you to enjoy.  Hope you like them.

Ok so this is one very cheeky little pony, Piglet cant you just tell from his expression!  Snow arrived overnight out of the blue and he was a bit "put out" by it though he had a nice thick hedge and some trees to shelter under in his paddock.

And here is me, trying to get my horse, Lady back into the stable after a night out.  She was a tad "excited" because of the snowfall!

This year I have had two batches of swallows breeding in the barn,
both by the same parents I believe.
The lhs photo shows the first batch with the rhs photo showing the second, current batch.  The same family come back year after year and my gamekeeper friend says that they live for around 5 years.  At the moment its like a scene from The Birds trying to muck out etc... with mummy and daddy swallow trying to drive me away!

This collection shows some of my
new ducks which I have had for a few weeks now.  The black n white one, Amy is a crossbred whilst the little black one, BP has the most wonderful colours in her wings, which you can just see.  The two big girls are Aylesburys, Jemima and Celia.  You can just 
see Dipstick hiding in the pen! 

Isnt this picture just sooo cute, she couldnt keep her eyes open any
more, bless her. 

They have all settled in really well now, come when I call and understand what a bit of bread looks like!  Dipstick no longer hides in the corner of the pen thank goodness.

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