Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Just a quick update of a blog today.  We have got a new printer, all in one Kodak so I am trying to get to grips with that work wise which will be a bit of a learning curve to say the least as I am not that techno minded as such.  Managed to do a scan and save it to file so thats a start although I dont know the next steps yet re clipping and balancing up colours!

After having various issues with our broadband supplier we have now changed to BT.  Early indications of speed are good so far so keep your fingers crossed! 

Please note new email address  tk.spall@btinternet.com  which replaces tk.spall@virgin.net although I still appear to be getting the virgin emails forwarded.  The web site email of  enquiries@kfsoriginals.co.uk  appears now to be working ok and forwarding on to the new main email address.

Below are a couple of images of recent works.  The horse and dog one is vertually finished off now, apart from the horse's eye which still needs a bit of "tweeking".  The larger horse head study with flying mane is only a few hours in.  I've gone for something bigger to play around with, currently having much fun with the many layers of flying mane strands!  Hope you like them.

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