Sunday, 19 June 2011


Pencil study  "Young Foal"

Shown above are two scanned images of a pencil study on canvas.  The one on the left shows the study in its early stage whilst the one on the right shows the finished piece.  Once the outline is set I like to get some rough shading in place and most importantly get the eye sorted pronto - it brings the image "alive" to me.  The tones on this particular drawing are not too heavy but I was quite pleased with the finished result which is now mounted, framed and for sale. 

Pencil Study  "Thoroughbred Stallion"

Again as above showing part complete and finished work.  This was the second detailed pencil study I attempted, a great learning curve for me and I was really pleased with the finished result!  Tentatively I framed him (yes, all my works end up being named, talked to and loved to the point where I dont really want to sell them) and entered  into a local art exhibition at  The Brewhouse  in Burton.  I am pleased to report that he was professionally chosen to be exhibited and it was a real honour for me to view one of my works in situ with some other wonderful paintings.  Currently he is awaiting a new frame as I dont feel that the old one did him justice.  Reluctently for sale to a good home. 

Small mounted prints and greetings cards available for both designs.

My main aim is to capture "expression"  - I feel that the two images above did just that.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss any further details regarding the above.

Additionally today, I have just finished batch1 of several ceramic bespoke pieces. The first is a money box for a little girl based on a teddy bears picnic in the woods with friends.  I'm really pleased with this one, got a bit carried away as per usual and it is vertually covered with images!  The second bespoke order is for 4 mugs and a small biscuit plate featuring the Bedlington Terrier Dog.  I have managed to place several dogs in different poses on both the mugs and the plate, all looking a tad cheeky in their quirkiness.  Everything is now currently drying again before going into the oven to be cured.  This bonds the artwork to the ceramic making it washable.  Both of these lovely customers are long standing with kfsoriginals.  I am due to commence work on Batch2 bespoke and general stock orders this coming week.

Music to accompany today has been Nirvana followed by The Foo Fighters - just cant do without me bit of rock.  Hope you enjoy reading this latest blog.  Please comment and follow.  Thank you.  Kathy xx

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