Saturday, 25 June 2011


I just wanted to introduce you to some of my cat and dog artwork on canvas and considering the recent weather conditions thought that the title was quite appropriate!

The left hand side image is a recent pencil study of one of my black labrador dogs enjoying a bit of peace and quiet in the sunshine.  This is the second time I have attempted to capture this particular photograph and feel much happier with the result!  It just goes to show that if at first you dont succeed, walk away, leave a while, return and have another attempt.  I very often start on a piece of work, get to a certain stage then leave it alone for a few days coming back to it with a fresh pair of eyes.  The right hand image shows the same dog, aged about 3 months of age.  An early watercolour but what I particularly liked was the capture of her curious expression, big ears and very long legs!  All house members take lots of photographs and they very often turn something up which I wish to capture in my artwork, sometimes as a study, sometimes as a quirky image.

Small prints on card are available for the pencil study whilst the watercolour is available as a limited edition giclee print.  The watercolour original is also for sale but I am afraid that my husband has claimed the pencil study original!  Again both images are scanned for greetings cards.

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