Thursday, 16 June 2011


In order to further promote my work, I have decided to open up a "blog" whilst I am working on updating my web site at  Please bear with me as I learn how to use this media effectively!   I hope to start posting images and regular updates from the artistic world and imagination of "kfsoriginals".


I work on three different surfaces, ceramic, glass and canvas.  The artwork on the ceramic and glassware is washable with care.  Each is an original piece of artwork in its own right, I do not use stick on outlines or images, each is unique.  My work  can be a tad "quirky" which is particularly evident on my ceramic pieces and ranges from a wide range of animals to people or even a car!  I tend to take inspiration from my garden for my work on glass as I have a wide range of flowers and plants which I love.  I purely started work on canvas whilst attending craft events, I just hate to sit there doing nothing, and was surprised when customers started to ask me to do commissions of their own pets and animals.  This particular line of my work has just grown and grown with the additional benefit that my work on the ceramic pieces has also improved, everything now has more movement.  Currently I am enjoying work in simple pencil on canvas and aim to transfer this work onto box canvas soon using acrylic paint, working on shades of black to white.  Being completely self taught (apart from a GCSE Grade A many years ago) I just tend to go with the flow and whatever images I have floating round in my head - of which there are many! 

My main subject area is "The Horse".  I just love to capture this wonderful creature in art, their floating movement and wonderful expression always make me smile, even if they do stand on my feet and bite me sometimes (I currently own two horses, well one horse and one naughty little pony to be correct,  together with many other animals who always provide me with artistic inspiration).  To finish I absolutely adore to paint and create my artwork whilst listening to a wide range of music (another great love of mine).

I promote my work via craft events, a few exhibitions and one or two craft shops.  And of course, now online.

Commissions are most welcome.  Please have a look at the website for a further feel for my work and do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss anything further (details on the web site)

Bye for now and I do hope that this works!

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